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Susie Wild is a poet, writer, journalist, critic, lecturer, festival organiser and editor based in Cardiff. Her debut poetry collection 'Better Houses' is out now through Parthian Books. 'The Art of Contraception' was her first book. It was long-listed for the Edge Hill Short Story Prize 2011 and won 'Fiction Book of the Year' in the Welsh Icons Awards 2010. Her Kindle novella 'Arrivals' was released globally through Parthian Books in May 2011. She edited the illustrated short story anthology 'Rarebit' for Parthian's 21st birthday, released December 2013. Illustrated by John Abell. She is Publishing Editor at one of Wales' Leading Indie Publishers, Parthian Books. @Soozerama

Monday, 29 August 2011

After your final status update

What will happen to your online personality after you die? Some philosophical questions for you to chew over along with your breakfast.

'I am wondering if it is even possible to capture even one human personality using a computer? It seems there are far too many connections, memories and experiences, both old and new, along with the underlying psychology and brain structures, neuropeptides and hormones that contribute to and affect "personality" ... the essence of what an individual is. To successfully capture a human personality in a computer, it seems that we have to first understand the human brain andmind, and this insight doesn't seem like it's going to happen anytime soon.'


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